Front Porch Digital Selects Equinix for Cloud-based Digital Media Solutions Launch

Leader in content storage management solutions moves into Equinix London data center to improve application availability and accelerate growth in Europe

Equinix, Inc., a provider of global data center services, today announced that Front Porch Digital, the global leader in content storage management (CSM) solutions, has selected Equinix to house its new cloud solution platform known as LYNX. Front Porch Digital will locate this service within the Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in London, known as LD5.

Front Porch Digital specializes in video archive, migration and online video publishing, supplying solutions that are at the heart of file based workflow within the world’s best known media brands. Now, these solutions are moving to the cloud, enabling greater access, better availability, lower costs and the highest possible security. However, Front Porch Digital and its global media clients recognized that the path to the cloud requires a unique provider, one able to meet the highest standards of security, availability and connectivity.

“We chose to move our solutions into Equinix’s LD5 data center as it provides the right resources in the right location,” said Front Porch Digital president and CEO Mike Knaisch. “Our LYNX platform is the first enterprise CSM solution in the content and digital media industry to embrace the cloud. Our first concern was security, and here Equinix excelled above almost every facility reviewed. Equinix was the only facility which stood head and shoulders above all others. We were also impressed with the vibrant content and digital media ecosystem within Equinix, which we are planning to take advantage of by connecting more widely to both existing customers and other potential business partners. This move represents a major opportunity for media organizations to connect with users and build additional revenue streams; Equinix not only understands our business, but can really help accelerate our growth by facilitating access to a broader market.”

Platform Equinix provides Front Porch Digital with the network connectivity and availability demanded by customers. The content and digital media industry is booming — a recent IHS Report shows that approximately 63 percent of households in Western Europe subscribe to broadband services and are increasingly accessing online video platforms from a wide variety of connected devices. In this context, Platform Equinix delivers tangible benefits such as reduced bandwidth costs, improved availability and lower latency.

Dick Theunissen, chief marketing officer, Equinix Europe commented, “Our Equinix data centers give Front Porch Digital the capacity, flexibility and network connectivity it needs for its fast growing data-rich media content. With Platform Equinix, Front Porch Digital can drive its business forward with global access to more than 4,000 businesses including broadcasters, video platforms and other media companies, throughout the Equinix Marketplace.”

The Equinix Marketplace™, is a proprietary service that makes it possible for any company with a presence in any Equinix IBX data center to quickly find and directly connect to a global value-chain, regardless of geography. Companies can more effectively reach new customers, offer new services, and connect to members of their digital supply chain to improve application performance, reduce cost and generate revenue.

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