Frontier And Gazelle Win Over The Conservatives

A joint marketing campaign between the leading reseller Frontier & Data and its channel partner Gazelle Consulting has achieved great success in signing up political associations.

Gazelle Consulting had a database of Conservative Associations to target and worked with Frontier Voice & Data’s Channel Marketing Team to implement a direct marketing campaign.

Ryan Riccardi, Director of Gazelle Consulting, said “We knew this could be a fruitful market for us so we approached Frontier’s Channel Marketing Team for support. We wanted a campaign that would help to attract the Conservative Associations but was flexible enough to accommodate the fact that their call expenditure would fluctuate. We then followed each prospect up with a call and an appointment.”

Frontier Voice & Data prepared a bundled offer of free calling minutes designed to help attract the Conservative Associations with the opportunity to reduce their costs during their most busy period. The Channel Marketing Team also produced an html email, a sales flyer for following up enquiries and sales presentations.

As a result of the campaign Gazelle Consulting has now signed up close to 60 Conservative Associations as well as MPs. Gazelle Consulting has since successfully adopted the same campaign model for other target markets.

Henry Lamprecht of the Enfield Southgate Conservative Association said, “Elections are stressful enough having to deal with printing, canvassing, delivery and IT etc. Not having to worry about the phones and extra phone lines we need for elections makes life much easier for an Agent. If only Gazelle provided election candidates too!”

Ryan said “For a business our size the marketing support we receive from Frontier is invaluable. Frontier’s marketing team has even helped to build our new website and marketing collateral and it’s been a big support to our business.”

Colin Mann, Frontier Voice & Data’s Channel Marketing Manager, added “Gazelle Consulting are a pleasure to work with because of their commitment to closing leads from campaigns. It makes my life as a marketing person so much easier when I know that the channel partner involved is so focussed on following up campaigns and closing leads for our MyFrontier range of products.”

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