Frontier Voice & Data offers innovative ‘eme’ text service to channel

Frontier Voice & Data, the leading telephony and data network services provider, is now offering the channel the groundbreaking ’eme’ text service supplied by eme technology. The service allows businesses to respond instantly to customer enquires at any time, providing an innovative new means of accessibility.

In operation a prospective customer texts a keyword such as the company name to a shortcode 88886 and will receive instantly an email from the company with all relevant information. This can include information like a website hyperlink and even attachments.

Businesses can customise the design and content of response emails and see in real-time emails opened and subsequent visits to websites. Data can be captured from prospective customers with full historic reporting showing total keyword requests, emails sent, opened, website visits, sales made, repeat users and more.

Frontier Voice & Data channel partners can now offer this exciting and innovative service to their customers, providing an excellent revenue generating opportunity.

For Frontier Voice & Data, Michael J Thornton, Sales & Marketing Director said, “There are now over 80 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK and texting has become the prime method of communicating for many, especially in the key under 25 age demographic. The ‘eme’ text service allows our channel partners to offer an outstanding comms marketing service which can benefit their customers and provides a new revenue stream in a restricted economic climate for hardware sales.”

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