Fuel Shortage? Use Technology says NMS

Phill McGowan, managing Director of new Media Software says that the strike at the Grangemouth refinery and rumours that it could spread to other refineries, bring back memories of the fuel protests of just a few years ago.

“If petrol goes into short supply Doctors, Nurses, Police and other vital public servants rightly go to the front of the queues. But what about sales people, what are they supposed to do? Without fuel it’s difficult to visit customers and even harder to get them to come to a demonstrations.”

McGowan’s recommendation is to use his Adaptive On Demand Demonstrations.

“Using technology from WebEx (a Cisco company) we can deliver product presentations and demonstrations right into the customers computer screen. These are live real demonstrations. For example, a client who wishes to see SMS in action: we can show the product presentation and then go live to a system and they can watch while we send a txt to their mobile phone. Seconds after they have seen it sent, they receive the txt on their phone. Same goes for Progressive and Predictive Dialling – they can see the campaign created and then their phones start to ring!”

”So, if you have trouble getting fuel, or just want to save time and money, perhaps its about time you give us a call and experienced for yourself how we can help you to see – without having to leave your desk?”

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