Funkwerk Adds New Features to ICT

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) has given its elmeg ICT series and VoIP/VPN gateway a wide range of new features and functionality via a new (7.3) release of software.

The vendor says the new firmware extension supports further SIP VoIP service providers and increases the number of VPN connections from 5 to 10. Extended status and diagnostic features include instant display of phone sets logged on to the PBX for the user to see at a glance along with all registered SIP providers. And in addition to the automated codec selection for VoIP connections, the new release also supports individual pre-settings, which is particularly useful for IP systems phones used in home offices with limited bandwidth. Another innovative feature is the TAPI support for IP systems phones, which can now also dial directly from PC applications.

A major increase in the number of extensions for connecting analogue leased lines (FXO) was implemented specially for the UK and other international markets.
Moreover, this latest release enables the ICT systems to support call-through dial-in and call-through, by using internal settings and connected leased lines. Up to 10 different call numbers can be configured for call-through. The authorisation to use these features is validated via PIN input and the identification of the incoming, transferred call number. This option is ideal for field service staff and offers users cost savings by the utilizing favourable tariffs for ICT leased lines.

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