Funkwerk’s latest firmware update provides configuration management across platforms

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) has announced a new firmware release for its access point products. The core component of update 7.5.1 for the company’s Wx002 and the WI series is the Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI) which implements a common user interface for all Funkwerk devices in the network. It has already been implemented in other FEC devices, such as Media Gateways and UTM product.

With the new Configuration Interface, Funkwerk has established the basis for simplified and efficient network administration, particularly in small- and medium-scale enterprises.

In use, the Configuration Interface means that administrators will always be working with a known, Web-based interface, independent of the Funkwerk device applied. All system management settings required for network configuration, such as routing functions or an overview of the interfaces, can be found quickly. The monitoring functions permit fast troubleshooting in the case of problems and time-controlled events and extended configuration options permit the fast implementation of complex applications. The clear-cut structuring according to areas, such as VoIP, VPN, or routing, enables users unfamiliar with the device to become quickly acquainted with the administration of the network infrastructure. This allows companies to save money when setting up their IT infrastructure and when performing daily administration tasks.

The multilingual FCI can be used for the UnifiedCom Box Funkwerk TR200, the IT security appliances in the UTM family, the access points of the W and WI series of release 7.5.1 and higher, and the R series Media Gateways . The Web-based configuration interface permits the access to several devices independent of the operating system.

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