Fuse 2 Selects GENBAND

GENBAND has announced that UK-based Fuse 2 Communications, an independent carrier-grade network for businesses, has selected GENBAND solutions both for deployment in its own network and for resale to its growing customer base.

“Our business is built on delivering top-of-the-line solutions and services to our customers, which makes choosing the right provider critical,” said Chris Blagg, director of Fuse 2. “GENBAND delivers advanced communications solutions and superior customer service, allowing us to focus on our end-users and bring the future of communications to our customers today.”

“The Fuse 2 team are industry veterans, with a vast experience in the comms sector. It was an easy decision to select GENBAND as the partner to take us on our next journey. We see some exciting changes ahead in the communications space and GENBAND are at the forefront and look forward to sharing this journey together,” added Wayne Mills-Kidals, Technical Director of Fuse 2 Communications.

Kandy Business Solutions (formerly Nuvia) provide a suite of market-ready traditional, mobile and web- optimized clients that can be rebranded and resold in a multi-tier model.

“It’s great to see new entrants in the UK’s dynamic Unified Communications (UC) solutions market,” said David Hiscock, GENBAND’s Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA. “We’re pleased to bring Fuse 2 on board and support them with both infrastructure solutions and a state-of-the art offer that will help grow its customer base.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine