Fuze Offers Real – Time Network Monitoring

Fuze has partnered with AppNeta, specialist in application network monitoring. The two companies have joined forces to deliver a new ‘Real-Time Network Monitoring’ service that gives Fuze customers real-time visibility into network performance and the ability to resolve issues before they affect the quality of communications.

The number of high-bandwidth phone calls, emails, messaging, and video-conferencing transmissions that flow daily through unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms require robust network performance. As companies more aggressively move toward over the top connectivity (OTT), real-time network monitoring for the distributed and cloud-connected digital enterprise becomes critical in meeting communications requirements.

“AppNeta is the perfect fit for Fuze’s enterprise unified communications platform,” said Keith Johnson, CTO, Fuze. “A robust and reliable network is imperative for real-time communications and digital workforce transformation. With AppNeta, Fuze provides its customers a lifecycle approach to ensuring network quality – from pre-sales assessments to implementation, all the way through to support and the everyday monitoring required to maximize the user experience.”

The Fuze-AppNeta partnership brings visibility to UCaaS performance issues that, up until now, have remained hidden. When a network problem surfaces, it’s often unclear where the fault lies because traditional network monitoring tools lack visibility outside of the enterprise network. The Fuze ‘Real-Time Network Monitoring’ solution proactively monitors performance with 60 second granularity and automatically runs diagnostics when issues are found and creates a common, collaborative space for Fuze and the customer to quickly fix the problem before it impacts service.

“Our solution is specifically designed for critical enterprise use cases requiring high network availability in support of services like global telephony and HD video conferencing,” said Sean Armstrong, VP of Product, AppNeta. “By combining real-time network monitoring, proactive diagnostics, and escalation when conditions are not ideal, we help ensure quality Fuze interactions.”

The monitoring capability identifies issues that degrade connections no matter where they originate––such as handshake issues between connectivity providers, faulty link connections, a slip in Wi-Fi connectivity, staff-initiated changes in network routing functions, or any other cause. It is wired to send real-time proactive alerts to any office, tool, or connection affected. If the issue doesn’t immediately resolve, it diagnoses where the breakdown is, eliminating hours of troubleshooting and reducing the time for root cause analysis.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine