G Data MobileSecurity first choice for Samsung

Samsung is now offering its customers free security with smartphones and tablets. When purchasing a new smartphone or tablet PCfrom the Korean brand, customers are able to download a full version of G Data MobileSecurity for free. For twelve months, the new device will be protected from malware and fraudulent apps thanks to the latest virus updates. Existing Samsung customers are also able to download and install the app for free.

With smartphones and tablet PCs it is possible to be online all day, stay in touch with friends and download apps, information and other files. It is therefore not surprising the popularity of mobile devices is increasing in all walks of life, and among all age groups. But, with the increasing use of mobile devices, the threat of cybercrime also grows. Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist at G Data, comments: “In 2011 the number of threats to mobile platforms increased more than exponentially, with 2,801 new pieces of malware. However, only 5% of the users of smartphones and tablets have installed a security solution*. In addition, many of these users choose to use free solutions, a decision the respected AV-TEST strongly discourages.** It is commendable that Samsung has decided to offer robust, paid security for free to its customers. We are very proud that Samsung hasselected G Data Mobile Security exclusively for this service.”

The free full version of the powerful antivirus solution is available exclusively to Samsung customers in the manufacturer’s app store.

The security solution for any smartphone and tablet PC with an Android operating system offers comprehensive security features. G Data MobileSecurity provides effective protection and security for mobile surfing and phone calls.

The easy to use authorisation check enables users to constantly keep an eye on their installed apps and know precisely which ones can send SMS or access the Internet. With G Data MobileSecurity, users can protect their identity and personal, confidential content such as messages, emails and photos against malware and spyware.

G Data MobileSecurity is available for £9.99 in the Google Marketplace, G Data Online Shop and many other app stores.

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