Gamma Hails Vodafone Success

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine following the government allocation of 4G spectrum was announced, Gamma CEO Bob Falconer said, “This is great news for Gamma’s MVNO partners since Gamma’s network partner, Vodafone, secured more spectrum than any other operator, including the coveted 800Mhz spectrum which is best for in-building coverage.

History will rightly judge 3G as an interim technology that took too long to come to market and was not up to the job when it did. 4G licences on the other hand cost far less and the service can be deployed much more quickly to handsets and other devices that are ready for it. Resellers I am sure will not be slow to seize the opportunities this brings.”

Asked what we could expect from Gamma in the coming year Falconer added, “Our focus is on enhancing the products we’ve got – there are a string of releases scheduled for this year. Beyond that – well I’ll keep our powder dry for the moment – but safe to say that creating innovative combinations of products that bring some real advantages for businesses is very much on the agenda!”

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