Gamma Launch Third Generation of Hosted IP Telephony

Services and applications provider Gamma Telecom has launched version 3.0 of its hosted IP Telephony solution, FeaturePlus. The solution has been upgraded to enable Gamma’s Channel Partners to include an IP phone in the package. The new package will broaden the accessible market; by enabling partners to offer a telephony solution to the small branch office space.

After thorough compatibility testing, Gamma has added the SPA 941; an IP Phone from Linksys, which provides access to the FeaturePlus service.

The upgraded solution will bring additional benefits to Gamma’s Channel Partners who are targeting small businesses, small branch offices, the sole trader and home worker markets. A single SPA 941 phone can now be provided with up to two phone lines as standard. This gives users one handset, two phone numbers and no need for an additional BT line. For companies with staff working from home, the phone plugs directly into an existing broadband router.

Where the FeaturePlus v2.0 service offered an ATA and easily serviced the 1-4 extension market, FeaturePlus v3.0 can now easily service the 2-7 extension market without the need for all of the wiring. FeaturePlus v3.0 means that end-users can have fast, easy access to a dedicated business line, with a dedicated phone number (any area code in the UK) and access to a range of calling and network features designed to facilitate flexible working.

The change of address procedures with FeaturePlus v3.0 does not change. i.e. if the business or home-working staff move, they simply pick up their phone and plug it in at the new address; the phone number and settings stay with them. Each line can have a different ring tone associated with it and this, along with the LCD display, means the user can then tell whether the incoming call is a sales call or a support call. The user can also select which line to call out from.

David Siegel at HIGHnet, a Gamma partner, commented: “We’re excited about this new “grown-up” version of FeaturePlus. The solution is no longer suited only to the SoHo applications; it can now genuinely be used in small branch office situations. It means that we can now offer all of the added functionality that comes with FeaturePlus to a much wider target market.”

James Bushell, Senior Product Manager at Gamma, explains: “The new version of FeaturePlus has two key benefits for our channel partners – it makes IP Phones easy to use and install, and also gives them more opportunity to widen the scope and offer choice to their addressable market. End-users will be able to have one phone, but with two lines. This allows for one phone number for sales calls and another phone number for support calls from existing customers, which makes the customer’s business look bigger than it is, and improves the professional image.”

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