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Gamma Launches SIP over FTTC Promotion

Gamma is pleased to announce the launch of its combined SIP over Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) promotion which provides selected Channel Partners with 12 months free rental on FTTC when combined with a minimum of 8 SIP channels over a 36 month contract.

The promotion is designed to further accelerate the wholesale migration of ISDN to SIP following BT’s recent announcement about its intention to migrate all customers on to the IP network by 2025.

Stephen Ashley-Brian (pictured), Convergence Product Manager, comments: “With FTTC broadband offering more concurrent calls and better call quality (supporting up to 30 x G.711 concurrent calls), we see the sub-30 channel market as key with over a million** channels waiting to be converted to SIP. FTTC will continue to open up this market and speed the transition as forecasts already indicate that over 1.5 million*** SIP channels have already been deployed, providing proof of the impact of SIP as a far more cost-effective alternative to ISDN.”

Steve Fenner, Head of Product Development at Peach, a Gamma Channel Partner adds: “Being able to act as our customers’ single point of contact for both data and IP voice makes us easy to do business with; from sales and provisioning, through to in-life changes and support. Combined with their commercial flexibility, Gamma helps us retain differentiation in the market, attract new customers and win more deals. We look forward to taking advantage of this great incentive and our continued success as a Gamma partner.”

With end customers themselves becoming more aware of the end of ISDN, Gamma feels the opportunity to address these needs combined with the overall enthusiasm for faster internet speeds make the SIP/FTTC combination the ideal choice.

As for the SME opportunity within the channel, Gamma believes that this 12 month free FTTC promotion will provide the added commercial incentive to help their customers justify the transition now rather than wait much longer.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine