Gamma Telecom Launch IP Telephony System & Beef up IP Network

Gamma Telecom has announced the launch of its new hosted IP telephony system and enhanced IP network access for its channel partners.

Communicator, the new system IP telephony offering is designed for multi-site small businesses and offers advanced features to reduce total costs and improve productivity.

The company says Communicator, based on the Mitel 3600 platform, will enable channel partners to offer the SME market a low-cost multi-site IP solution without the need for large capital expenditure on hardware or maintenance costs. Companies using the service will benefit from free site-to-site calls as well as lower cost calls and advanced calling features.

Although capable of running a 200+ employee system, Communicator is aimed at companies with 15+ employees working across at least two sites. Using dedicated IP phones or analogue phones via an adaptor, channel partners can connect end-users directly into Gamma’s IP core network via Gamma’s LLU. As well as being able to port existing customer numbers, channel partners can also offer their customers advanced features such as auto attendant, hunt groups and personal user settings available from any phone in the company. End-users receive the benefits of technology hosted and controlled by Gamma without the need for extra hardware and the associated cost savings of IP telephony.

Communicator is the fourth new IP telephony service to be announced by Gamma this year. Gareth Hamer, Business Development Director of Gamma Telecom, commented: “Communicator is a low cost and productive way of realising the benefits and advanced features of IP telephony. It gives our channel partners an opportunity to easily implement and provision IP telephony for their customers.” Hamer continued, “With Communicator, Gamma has taken the hassle out of managing the hardware needed to make business telephony systems leading-edge, feature rich and cost effective. This new service further demonstrates Gamma’s technological expertise and ongoing commitment to provide the best and most advanced IP solutions in the industry.”

At the same time Gamma Telecom announced enhanced IP network access for its channel partners through the successful completion of its London Metro CWDM network.

The new network interconnects with Gamma’s IP-core infrastructure and will provide channel partners with improved and easier IP access points within the Greater London area telehouses. In addition, the new network will provide Gamma’s channel partners with end-to-end connectivity with interface speeds of up to 1000MB.

The completion of the new network allows Gamma to provide channel partners with cost efficient Ethernet and SDH delivery across the same infrastructure using existing hardware. The use of CWDM technology will enable greater traffic to be sent through existing leased fibre, as well as increasing capacity when required. Channel partners will benefit from enhanced deployment speed and increased presence at key strategic locations. Gamma will provide 24/7 technical support for optical, SDH, and Ethernet hardware as well as support from Transmode, the leading-edge hardware supplier.

Bob Falconer, CEO of Gamma Telecom commented, “The new London Metro network further extends Gamma’s reach and will enable our channel partners to service their customers more efficiently.”

Falconer continued, “Being a smaller and more innovative carrier, Gamma benefits from being able to move quickly and adapt to the ferocious pace of technological advances in the telecoms market. Gamma’s enhancements to its network keep the company ahead of any change, enabling its channel partners to offer the most advanced IP telephony services with legacy support on the same platform.”

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