Gamma’s Resellers Offered Price Advantage when Selling Fixed and Mobile

Gamma Telecom is offering its resellers a unique fixed to mobile pricing option, with rates at 3p from Gamma fixed line to Gamma mobile numbers. This now makes it possible, for the first time, for resellers to offer really compelling fixed and mobile packages that saves money for end-users and also offers increased margins for resellers.

The new rate is valid for all Gamma fixed line calls (traditional and IP-Telephony) to Gamma mobile numbers and effectively provides an on-net rate for all customers of Gamma resellers. Also, unlike other fixed to mobile tariffs, the new rate will also work with mobile numbers ported onto the Gamma network.

The 3p tariff will help resellers win business in this difficult economic climate – making it possible to offer cost savings to end-users as well as providing all the benefits of fixed and mobile calls on a single bill and contract. Resellers will benefit from much longer contract terms by linking fixed and mobile together as well as being able to offer a range of innovative new tariffs. For example, an ideal solution for logistics companies will be an on-net cost controller where all on-net (internal) calls are included in the bundle and off-net calls are treated as personal calls and hence can be charged to the end-user.

Gamma has recognised that the mobile channel is changing and has responded with this new tariff. Rob Davis, Product Manager at Gamma Telecom commented, “It is currently a tough business climate for SMEs to operate in and keeping costs down with competitive rates on a single fixed and mobile bill will be increasingly critical if a company is to survive, so resellers must cater to this if they are to win contracts. By offering attractive tariffs to our dealers we are helping them be best placed to take a slice of this market. Obviously this is also an additional incentive for Gamma fixed resellers to take up our new Mobile product.”

Joe Walsh, Sales and Marketing Director at Gamma reseller Cortel, commented, “This new tariff looks set to give us a really impressive and competitive edge, which is particularly crucial in what are at the moment very difficult times. We think it is such a compelling offering that it will make all the difference in winning and attracting new customers. As far as we’re concerned the launch of the new mobile tariff couldn’t have been better timed.”

The new rate is available now for all Gamma resellers taking Gamma’s fixed and mobile products.

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