Gardner Speaks Out on VoIP

Ty Gardner, Sales & Marketing Director at Universal Group says there is no point users buying into VoIP for the sake of it.

“To replace a perfectly good functional TDM PBX with an IP PBX is not good business in most cases. The real issue is how to improve your customers business with applications such as mobility, teleworking and presence. At the same time carriers need to remodel themselves as broadband companies otherwise their revenues will begin to dry up as the market inevitably moves towards VoIP.”

Gardner has witnessed many changes in technology over the years and observes that where Universal would have installed leased lines for customers in the past they are now replacing these with IP VPN’s or ADSL.

“”We have been using ADSL as the basis for a home/remote worker solution ourselves from locations around the world for about two years. With VPN access to our network we can log on easily to applications such as Mitel’s Your Assistant and in that time I have only ever had two QoS issues. The technology works and it is a reality for today’s business.”

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