Garry Drage moves to Talk Straight

Lured by Orange’s claim that Garry Drage would have paid off his mortgage in 3 years if he joined their sales team, Garry made it his job to learn all he could about the mobile phone market. From 2004 to 2008 he made big bucks with Orange. Alas, a change in pay structure across the company in 2005 meant Garry was still paying his mortgage 4 years later, which turned out to be good news for O2. Garry joined O2 Direct as Regional Sales Manager in 2008, where his determination to be the best Sales Manager paid off. In the space of a year, he had taken the worst performing sales team, handling revenues of circa £3.5M pa to the best performing sales team. By the time he left earlier this year to join Talk Straight, the same sales team (at the same size) was handling yearly revenues of approximately £16M.

As part of a resolute move to grow the business, it is now Talk Straight’s turn to benefit from Garry who joins them as Sales Manager with responsibility for Direct and Mobile Channel sales. Garry sees Talk Straight’s strong proposition in the mobile and hosted security market as key to him keeping up his track record in taking sales teams to the next level of excellence.

Whilst embracing new technologies to engage with customers, he firmly believes success is down to a mix of traditional face-to-face sales, where his sales teams listen to their customers’ needs together with having an outstanding product, backed by excellent after-sales support. He chose Talk Straight over other job offers as he could clearly see these traits in this fast growing, market leader.

Whilst recognising Talk Straight doesn’t have the brand presence of his two former companies, Garry is confident that Talk Straight has impressive products, with the right infrastructure and the right attitude. This, together with his wealth of experience in the telecoms industry will secure his mortgage payments for the next leg of his career. And who knows? With the strength of the two combined he might just finally pay off that mortgage and help Talk Straight partners and customers with theirs too!

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine