GB Building Solutions turns to Timico

ISP Timico has announced that it has signed a contract to work with leading, privately owned building contractor, GB Building Solutions to provide managed mobile broadband access across new construction sites.

The deal, which will see Timico provide its Mobile Access Management (MAM) solution to GB Building Solutions, will allow near instant deployment of broadband access to new sites at speeds comparative to those delivered by fixed-line. The ongoing relationship is the result of a two month trial, during which the solution delivered significant efficiency improvements from the first week.

GB Building Solutions had previously trialled several alternatives to fixed line broadband access in order to resolve a problem which has plagued the construction industry – how to ensure reliable and resilient network access at new sites prior to fixed line deployment. The MAM solution, provided and managed by Timico, provides on-site staff with alternative access to crucial IT systems without dependence on a fixed data circuit. Access is provided via a 3G router which can be relocated to an alternative site or kept in place as a permanent back-up solution following the installation of a fixed-line solution.

Mark Hardcastle, GB Building Solutions, explains: “A perennial problem in the construction industry is just how to deliver network access to teams on new sites at short notice. Fixed-line deployment can take over a month to deploy, particularly when the service provider needs to negotiate provision to temporary buildings and offices. This can be ‘dead time’ in terms of productivity as access problems significantly slow down progress.

“We had tried several solutions previously but all had suffered speed and connectivity problems, leading to inconsistent performance, particularly when we tried to overlay the VPN. The MAM solution connects us directly to the network without needing VPN access so the initial costs are minimal. New sites can be set up in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months and in addition, the solution allows us to set up from one IP address which can be transferred to the subsequent fixed-line access from day one, further reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. More importantly, the feedback has been consistently positive since we began working with Timico.”

Trefor Davies, CTO, Timico said: “The MAM service is underpinned by high-speed, private access into O2’s network using an Access Point Name (APN) to deliver business-grade connectivity with all the flexibility that corporate customers require, including the option to have a static IP address. For businesses who rely on rapid deployment of new sites, it’s the perfect solution.”

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