Geeks best in bed thanks to gadget fetish

Nationwide research has found that those who work in the tech sector are less selfish in bed and more open to using sex toys, while the same research also found that those who work in the fitness industry or were regular gym-goers were more likely to be selfish and think of their needs above their partner’s.

An anonymous study of 2,084 British men and women in relationships conducted by a UK independent PS3 videogame and console site has found a correlation between geeks and their openness to pleasing a partner in bed, with four in five agreeing that sex should be more about ‘the partner’, as opposed to people who worked in the sports and fitness industry where just 41% agreed.

Altogether, 56% of respondents were male, 44% female. When asked by PS3PriceCompare ‘Do you regularly use sex toys with your partner?’ the respondents that worked in the tech sector; in jobs within IT such as computer analysts, web design and development were most likely to.
Eight out of ten tech workers said that sex toys played an important part in their sexual relationships. The fitness-minded participants were the least likely to use them, with just three in ten claiming to use them regularly. People working within manual jobs were second, with 66% confirming they regularly used sex toys to enhance their lovemaking.

When asked ‘How regularly do you and your partner have sex?’, 53% of office workers claimed to have sex three or more times a week, compared to business owners at the other end of the scale, where just 21% said they had sex three or more times a week. Sports and fitness workers were second with 47%, followed by techies with 38% at third and manual workers at fourth with 36%.

The question ‘During sex, do you consider your partner’s sexual needs above your own?’ prompted the following responses, with over half of fitness workers and business owners proving to be the most selfish in bed: Men that answered ‘yes’ broken down by sector in which they work, ranked in first place were IT workers with 82%; second were office workers at 74% 3; the unemployed at 69%%; manual workers at 53%; business owners crawling in at 49%; and finally, sports and fitness workers at 41%.

Mike Elsmore, head developer of said: “This study was initially just a fun idea between myself and my friends, wondering whether due to the more methodical nature of us tech-minded individuals, our sex lives were any different to say, business owners or fitness buffs. The response by the participants that made me giggle the most was that those of us more into gadgets and new technology were more likely to use sex toys with our partners, something that with hindsight may have been obvious before the box was ticked!”

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