GemaTech Enhance Call Recording Applications

Telephony solutions specialist, GemaTech, has announced the launch of further enhancements to its market leading telecoms recovery solution BCMLITE providing businesses with the ability to fully integrate home/flexible working into their day-to-day business activities.

In addition to enabling companies to re-route their mission-critical inbound calls to any number of remote locations, including the voice recording of those re-routed calls, GemaTech’s BCMLITE solution now also enables companies to record all outbound calls made from those remote locations.

With the potential impact of a flu pandemic becoming ever more apparent, there is a growing awareness throughout the business community of the need to implement more flexible ways of working. However, as highlighted by the financial services sector, to date technology vendors have so far failed to provide a complete recovery solution that is capable of providing a comprehensive audit trail of all re-routed calls including recordings of those inbound and subsequent outbound calls made from any number of remote locations – including employees’ homes.

GemaTech’s new combined BCMLITE & SVRLITE product marks a significant development in continuity technology, providing an all encompassing solution that not only offers resilient re-routing of all incoming calls to any individual or group of geographic DDIs but also enables organisations to securely record all calls to and from any remote location, regardless of whether these occur via the traditional Public Service Telephony Network (PSTN) or via a mobile network.

Graham Chick, Chief Executive, GemaTech, comments, “Release of this latest module is the “missing piece of the jigsaw” as far as telecoms business continuity is concerned. Organisations are increasingly aware of the need to adopt voice recording technologies as part of their continuity plans, but are not implementing these systems because of the general inability of solution providers to deliver the total package required. Financial organisations in particular, require a solution that is tailored specifically to demonstrating full compliance with FSA Regulations.”

As well as the ability to re-route any call to an individual DDI, group of DDIs or mobile, the latest version of the combined BCMLITE & SVRLITE product enables organisations to store the recordings of these calls locally on a Storage Area Network (SAN), which organisations can then use to track each call and the resultant actions via an online portal, providing companies with a unique means of demonstrating compliance at no extra cost.

Chick concludes, “The ability to securely record all inbound and outbound landline and mobile calls is unique to GemaTech’s combined BCMLITE & SVRLITE solution. This capability is essential for any financial services company that is looking to embrace flexible working practices and still retain control of all communications taking place. As such, investment in this technology shouldn’t be put off until next year, next month or even next week if you want to stay on the right side of the Regulator.”

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