Gematech Expands Portfolio

Telecoms technology specialist, GemaTech has further enhanced its suite of Telecoms Business Continuity products with the launch of a ‘Rapid Call Out’ system. This new offering provides a company’s employees, customers and suppliers with early notification of major events and outages which have disrupted them, a key element of continuity planning if organisations are to prevent complacency in the adoption process.

The ‘Rapid Call Out’ (RCO) product is a web-based application that can issue up to one million messages per minute, designed to instantaneously notify employees, customers and suppliers about disruptive events that have occurred at their place of work – whether it be a fire at, say, 3.00 a.m. in the morning, where the employer needs to pass on information regarding how the company intends to operate the following day; or a terrorist attack which requires a conscientious employer to make every attempt to quickly trace all of their employees to ascertain their well being in the aftermath.

Graham Chick, Chief Executive at GemaTech comments, “Whilst many companies now have comprehensive business continuity plans in place which provide for the relocation of employees to alternative locations (recovery sites) where business operations can continue, these plans assume that all employees are aware of the problem or event which has resulted in Management electing to invoke their business continuity plan. But what happens when the disruptive event occurs in the middle of the night, or, like the Buncefield disaster, where 15,000 employees turned up to work on the Monday morning, some 24 hours after the explosion which occurred on the Sunday morning, only to be sent home again unable to work. In addition, what happens when certain employees are travelling on business or otherwise away from the office?”

Chick continues, “What is needed is the ability to quickly inform all employees, as well as company customers and suppliers of the event that has occurred – and more importantly, the action that is being taken by the affected company to ensure that their business continues as seamlessly as possible in the aftermath.”

Gematech say their RCO system has a number of unique selling points over stand alone competing products and essentially enables information to be delivered through a choice of multiple media resources – including a traditional telephone call, SMS e-mail, a web page or VoIP, – whilst maintaining, monitoring and providing feedback to key personnel throughout the potential situation. The service also provides the ability for recipients to acknowledge receipt of the message with the option of feedback of vital information being readily available.

The ability to notify any number of individuals or companies instantaneously and simultaneously of an event, such as a defective or contaminated product, a storm warning of other major occurrence has huge benefits by informing people at the earliest opportunity, thereby minimising the risk of unnecessarily escalating the effects of the problem.

Chick concludes, “Whilst similar, stand alone solutions have been available for the past decade, no one to-date has integrated a notification system into a more substantial telecoms continuity package, leaving organisations with no option but to build up a solution from the various components available – a costly and time-consuming process. However, through the effective combination of products such as the RCO and GemaTech’s BCMLITE and SVRLITE modules, our core business continuity offering, companies can now achieve a complete continuity system without incurring the associated costs of developing a bespoke solution.”

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