Gematech Keeps the Calls Coming for Inmarsat

Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communication services has deployed the flagship Business Continuity Manager solution, BCMLITE, from specialist telephony solutions provider, GemaTech, via an initial thee year managed service contract, to ensure that the company can instantaneously and seamlessly recover 100% of all incoming telephone calls in the event of any disruption.

Founded in 1979 to guarantee that ships could stay in constant touch via telephone, Inmarsat have been at the forefront of the mobile satellite services industry for nearly 30 years. Expanding its business from a specialist agency focusing on the maritime industry to cover the media, oil & gas, construction and aeronautical industries, the company excels at developing innovative, customised solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide. In 1999, it became the first intergovernmental organisation to transform into a private company.

The BCMLITE solution will benefit Inmarsat through maintaining telecoms resilience and voice business continuity – enabling the company to maintain their business infrastructure and provide ongoing mobile voice and high-speed data services to almost anywhere on the planet. As Andrew Deaville, Security and Office Services Manager, Inmarsat, explains, “Being a satellite communication company, we need to be able to provide communications at all times. We’ve always desired a recovery solution like this for our own telecoms infrastructure, but before GemaTech, we were unable to find it anywhere.”

The GemaTech system will allow the re-direction of Inmarsat’s 1000 DDIs to any individual number or group of numbers anywhere in the world, ensuring that each incoming phone call can always be placed with the most appropriate person. Deaville continues, “The majority of our staff are dependent on their business mobiles whilst away from the office and we have an increasing number of employees working from home. As such, we needed a recovery solution that could cope with re-routing calls to any number of locations and the ability to plan for partial invocations. The GemaTech solution provides this versatility, automatically re-directing calls based on a pre-set sequence. For example, any calls coming into my DDI are re-directed to my mobile and then, if my mobile doesn’t get answered, to my home phone and so forth, so that we never have to be in the office to take calls – the BCMLITE gives us total freedom.’’

Deaville continues, “Our telecoms provision in the event of a disaster has been the cause of some unease in the past, but the GemaTech solution appears to resolve our issues – It just seems amazing for such a little box! The implementation has been really straightforward, GemaTech have been extremely easy to deal with throughout the whole process and we look forward to developing our relationship with GemaTech further as the industry continues to evolve.”

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