Gematech’s BCMlite Wins BC Contract with HCL

HCL, the leading health and social care agency in the UK, has purchased a new telecoms Business Continuity solution, BCMLITE, from specialist provider GemaTech to ensure instantaneous and seamless recovery of incoming calls should disaster strike.

This is the second BCMLITE system that HCL has purchased from GemaTech and was an automatic choice following the success of the initial installation purchase to recover a subsidiary company using geographic DDIs – and the fact that HCL employees were unable to access their head office building for a prolonged period during the recent Haymarket car bomb terrorist attack. As Luke Harding, Group IT manager at HCL, explains, “The healthcare market is highly dynamic and we are constantly growing to exceed the demands of our customers. Callers expect us to be constantly available and responsive. As such, it is imperative that our telephone system is flexible, resilient and always accessible.”

Located in the security of one of COLT Telecom’s secure data centres, BCMLITE enables HCL to instantaneously, and seamlessly re-direct incoming calls to any of its 12 sites (or anywhere else for that matter) with the added ability to play any number of personalized announcements to both the caller and the person being called in the event of an emergency. Every call received on the company’s 0870 numbers is automatically routed through BCMLITE and forwarded on to the relevant office so, in the event of any disruption, there is no need to implement a new system – the calls are received by GemaTech’s BCMLITE in the normal way but instead of being directed to the head office they are automatically redirected to any number of alternative numbers whether they be at another site, employees’ mobiles or homes as required.

Harding continues, “The great thing about the GemaTech solution is it is not just a business continuity tool. The BCMLITE solution has helped with our consolidation and relocation strategy, enabling us to easily reroute calls from main numbers to any office within the group. Remote management and reconfiguration gives us a lot of flexibility. If we need to redirect any number we just log straight into the GemaTech unit, we no longer have to worry where the number originates from or which office it relates to.”

Harding concludes, “As a recruitment business the telephone is a really important tool, and the business continuity assured by the GemaTech BCMLITE system means that we can stay in business even during a crisis. GemaTech ensures that we never miss a call, and that is what really sold the system to our directors.”

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