Generation Y chooses the mobile web

Most 18-27 year-old Opera Mini users use their mobile phones to browse the web more often than they use a desktop or laptop computer for the same purpose, according to the results from a survey released by Opera.

In Nigeria, South Africa, and Indonesia, over 90% of so-called Generation Y users said they use their mobile phones more than desktop or laptop computers to access the internet.

Interestingly, the countries with the highest percentage of respondents using desktop or laptop computers as the primary means of Internet access were countries where smartphones are among the top handsets used. In Nigeria, South Africa, and Indonesia, more than nine out of 10 respondents said they browse the web on their handsets more than they browse on a laptop or desktop computer.

The findings are published in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report. Almost 90% of respondents in the US aged 18-27 have used their phones to share pictures. Of the profiled countries, Vietnam, at 67%, had the lowest use of mobile phones to share pictures.

Respondents in the US are least likely to have asked someone out on a date via SMS (44%). Respondents in China (84%), Germany (84%) and Vietnam (83%) are most likely to have used SMS texts to ask someone out on a date.

Generation Y in both China and the US share a disdain for printed newspapers. Altogether, 53% of respondents in the US and 57% of respondents in China rarely or never read physical newspapers.

Also, respondents in South Africa (49%) and the US (44%) were somewhat to very uncomfortable sharing their personal information online.

“We have often said that the next generation will grow up knowing the Web mostly through their mobile phones,” said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera. “We see this trend already emerging in different regions around the world. The mobile Web will bring a profound change in how we connect with one another. I think the results from this survey already show that change taking place.”

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