Geo targets media sector with UK network expansion

Geo, a provider of high performance networks for demanding data users, has announced the expansion of their UK network and the addition of three new sites, to support a strategic push into the media sector.

Geo’s national network is being extended out 50km to Windlesham in Surrey, passing through many media-centric locations across London including Chiswick, Hounslow and Hammersmith. This extension provides an alternative route to Slough, offering customers fibre diversity for added resilience. The network will also pass multiple award-winning business site Chiswick Business Park, home to some of the media sector’s largest household names, as well as to two new data centre facilities; one in Slough and the other in London’s Telehouse West – a state-of-the-art £80m data centre in the heart of the Docklands.

Geo will be connecting to Chiswick by an extension of its highly secure sewer-based network, enabling a rapid and highly durable connection with no disruption to local residents or businesses. Geo’s cables run up to 30 metres below street level, virtually eradicating the threat of accidental damage to the fibre, and providing industry-leading levels of security and resilience to its customers.

This programme of extensions will enable Geo to provide network connectivity to a range of private and public sector businesses in the London and Slough centres of commerce, and takes the total number of data centre connections to 23 in London and 16 national.

“Geo is continuing to execute an aggressive network expansion programme, to both meet the growing needs of our existing customers and to strengthen our proposition to new clients”, said Chris Smedley, Chief Executive of Geo Networks. “Chiswick Park opens up many new opportunities for us, and we are delighted to be early partners with the two leading data centre organisations including Telehouse, both of whom operate exemplary facilities and are highly regarded in their field.”

“Geo Networks has been a long-standing partner of Telehouse and we are pleased that they have extended their presence with us in our latest facility, Telehouse West, as part of their ongoing expansion. We will continue to provide highly resilient and cutting-edge data centre services to support their growth into the demanding media sector,” said Sales and Marketing Director, Michelle Reid.

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