GeoSIM Global SIM Card introduces the Euro Tariff Beater

GeoSIM, the specialist international SIM card supplier, has introduced flat rate call charges and free incoming calls to beat the Euro Tariff, making savings in the region of 40% for mobile calls within Europe.

Over the last 18 months the major mobile networks have been forced to reduce their call charges for making and receiving calls within the European Union (EU) with the introduction of the Euro Tariff. Although call costs have dropped, using a Global SIM card or International SIM card can still make significant savings within Europe, but especially outside the EU.

GeoSIM has introduced the Euro Tariff beater. GeoSIM users can now call between any European countries for 25 pence per minute. Combined with the flat rate, receiving calls is free all over Europe, meaning callers make significant savings when calling for business or pleasure.

Ed Neal, managing director of Geodesa, that distributes GeoSIM, said: “GeoSIMs charges for making calls are 31% cheaper than the Euro Tariff limits, but more importantly, there are no incoming call charges with GeoSIM unlike the networks, so overall GeoSIM works out 45% cheaper than the Euro Tariff rates. That’s a significant saving in these credit crunch times.”

He added: “Mobile users should beware if they are going to use their mobile outside of the EU or make calls to countries outside of Europe using their regular SIM as rates remain extremely high. The major networks still charge huge amounts for calls to and from countries that are not in the Euro Zone, in what they call Rest of World.”

The GeoSIM Global SIM card allows business travellers and holiday makers to avoid roaming charges and receive calls for free when travelling abroad. Travellers can significantly reduce the cost of making and receiving calls by replacing their regular mobile phone SIM or Chip, with a Global or International SIM card and typically make savings of 70% to 80% depending on where the user is calling from and to.

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