Get the FAX!

Retell has launched a range of fax servers for analogue, ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 lines having identified a large market for centralised storage of fax documents amongst wholesalers, distributors, universities, banks and many more who still rely on fax as a reliable and evidential way of transmitting and receiving important data.

A spokesman for Retell said, ‘Many companies have to store their fax documents for several years, wasting valuable and costly square footage. Retell’s fax servers overcome this problem by automatically storing all fax documents and sending them to individual e-mail locations’. In addition faxes can also be transmitted from an individual user’s PC cutting costs associated with the journey to the fax machine and the time spent waiting for the fax machine to become free’.

Retell also cites cost savings in paper, print cartridges, maintenance and fax line rentals. Retell believes that opportunities exist for resellers to make extra sales by offering unified messaging for fax when quoting the customer for a new switch. The spokesman continues, ‘We are buoyed by the success of Telecom Italia who sell a fax server with nearly every PABX installation. Resellers in the UK now have an opportunity to offer fax and call recording through Retell and benefit from valuable extra sales, installation and maintenance opportunities’

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