GetJar helps Photobucket increase mobile downloads 2,500%

GetJar, the world’s second largest app store, has announced that Photobucket Corporation, the for photo and video sharing site, has increased its mobile application downloads by nearly 2,500% in just a few months using GetJar’s App It! download service (formerly known as App Download Page).

Photobucket joins other top brands such as Fandango, Facebook, Yahoo!, MocoSpace, OpenTable, Flirtomatic and Cnectd using App it! to reach consumers independent of what kind of device they are using.

App It! Is a link to a particular app that can be placed anywhere and allows consumers to download that app to their phone in one tap regardless of the users’ phone make or model. Once a publisher has uploaded an app or mobile site to GetJar the App it! link is automatically created and can be placed anywhere the publisher wants. When tapped the link sends the consumer to the publishers page on GetJar which detects the device and provides them with the right app for that phone.

“Photobucket gives users the power to access their media content from anywhere and use it as they see fit,” said Darren Kelly, CRO of Photobucket. “Photobucket Mobile makes uploading and sharing media taken on the phone simpler than ever before. With App It!, users can access our mobile application with one simple link regardless of whether they use iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or any other platform. We look forward to serving millions of consumers in the near future through GetJar.”

said Ilja Laurs, CEO and founder of GetJar: “GetJar is committed to providing the third button every website should have: Share it on Facebook, Retweet it on Twitter, and now, App It! on GetJar. The viral way of sharing apps across any platform, handset, carrier or country will simply be, Just App it! With an estimated 400,000 mobile applications just between Apple’s app store, GetJar and Android Market, communications and discovery are becoming ever more difficult for publishers. Global brands are realizing that although applications provide users with a rich and engaging experience, to make app distribution easy they need to provide consumers with a single destination from which to get their apps instead of sending them off to multiple stores depending on what type of handset they might have.”

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