Giganet offers businesses in Salisbury FTTP

Giganet is offering tens of thousands of homes and businesses in Salisbury full Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) broadband through its existing substantial investment in the Salisbury Exchange.

Last week, Openreach announced that Salisbury will become the first city in the country to benefit from total FTTP broadband coverage, within just 12 months. The £8m roll-out gives 20,000+ homes and businesses across Salisbury complete access to FTTP broadband – the ultimate and future-proofed connectivity choice.

Giganet is present in the Openreach Salisbury Exchange where the new full-fibre FTTP network terminates. It has invested in its own dedicated equipment rack which is connected back to its resilient London-core network and has a number of FTTP customers already live.

“Unlike almost all other local providers, our equipment is in the Salisbury exchange, which provides us a genuine competitive advantage in delivering next generation Gigabit services to local businesses. This means we have direct access to the network, reducing the supply chain and improving the communication, lead time, pricing and capabilities when selecting an Internet provider,” says Matthew Skipsey, Head of Giganet. “We offer 6-hour SLAs and our friendly, award-winning customer service team are not far away. Giganet’s office is based just 30 miles away in Whiteley, Hampshire. Salisbury is part of Giganet’s local network including Basingstoke and Winchester which has private direct routes to the internet.”

“The fibre is a significant improvement. We have not had the problems we had been experiencing, with lines dropping out and crackles on the line which caused a tremendous amount of downtime and lack of productivity. The ADSL connection we had before really affected the day to day running of the business, however now with the ultrafast speeds from Giganet’s fibre, it has not only significantly improved the reliability of our connection and allowed us to work more efficiently, but it has been a great way to future-proof our business,” says David Ryan, Managing Partner of The Aaron Partnership.

As well as great local pricing from Giganet, Salisbury business can also benefit from £2.5k vouchers towards Gigabit capable connections.

“There is no doubt that Giganet is better placed than many of the national brands to engage with local firms. The business has a strong track record over many years with Salisbury businesses who take our broadband and telecoms solutions under our main M12 Solutions business name. We are delighted with this latest announcement and we can see this will allow us to better secure opportunities in the area,” concludes Giganet MD Andrew Skipsey.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine