Gigaset pro launches new handset for SMEs

Gigaset pro is launching the Gigaset S650H PRO. The company says the new handset has been specially developed for SMEs and combines ease of use and comfort with a host of functions to make work easier.

The S650H PRO is Gigaset pro’s response to the growing demand for DECT IP telephones that are rapidly replacing traditional ISDN devices. With DECT IP a business benefits from all kinds of additional telephony features, such as links to business software and practical apps.

In the first place, the S650H PRO offers a range of audio profiles. With a single press of the button, the device can be adjusted for loud, normal or quiet environments. The sound quality is based on Gigaset’s patented HDSP audio technology. This provides HD audio quality for a range of different noise levels.

The new S650H PRO is suitable for use in N720 multicell environments, which means it can be used with confidence throughout the company’s premises without any dropped connections. Later in 2015, a software update will make it possible to apply updates wirelessly, so new software can be installed on a large number of handsets in a short period.

The S650H is fully compatible with the N720 and N510 base stations and can be used from any location to search cloud-based or local phone books, listen to voice mails and manage incoming calls, etc. The device is available in graphite. It comes as standard with vibration alerts and pincode security. A unique feature of the handset is the special coating which makes it scratch-resistant and therefore suitable for cleaning with disinfectant-based cleaners. That makes it ideal not only for use in small businesses, but also in hospital or healthcare environments where hygiene is paramount.

“The new S650H PRO is the VW Golf of business DECT handsets,” says Michael Anft, Product Manager at Gigaset. “The device combines an attractive design with maximum ease of use and efficiency and stands out in terms of optimum sound quality and versatility.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine