Gigaset Pro Models Compatible With Broadsoft And Metaswitch

The N510 and N720 IP PRO from Gigaset pro can now be used with the Broadsoft (BroadWorks software) and Metaswitch cloud-based unified communications platforms. The N510 passed the required test for both a Broadworks and a Metaswitch certificate and is suitable for auto provisioning deployment on the platforms. The N720, which already had a Broadworks certificate, also received a certificate for auto provisioning deployment with Metaswitch.

In order to meet the Broadsoft and Metaswitch certificate requirements, the SIP phones were subjected to a range of two to three hundred test scenarios which they all had to pass. The scenarios varied from setting up a telephone or video conversation to more advanced options, such as the ability to receive configuration updates.

Thanks to the certificates, end users can seamlessly use the N510 and N720 IP PRO with the accompanied Gigaset pro handsets combined with the services which are based on the Broadsoft and Metaswitch hosted platforms. All they have to do is connect the SIP phones to the network, and the devices are ready for immediate use. At Broadsoft, this form of auto provisioning is known as device management, while Metaswitch calls it end point packs.

“Thanks to the Broadsoft and Metaswitch certificates the N510 and N720 now have, resellers and distributors don’t have to visit a client on-site to connect the SIP phones anymore,” says Eric Baremans, Head of Technical Sales at Gigaset pro. “Now, they just have to report the MAC address to Broadsoft or Metaswitch and ship the device to the end user. And as soon as the devices are connected to the network, they automatically receive the correct configuration settings.”

The certificates were issued for the following releases:
N510 release 238 for Broadworks Release 21.0/21 sp1
N510 release 239 for Metaswitch Release 9.2
N720 release 100 for Metaswitch Release 9.2

The N720 has previously received a Broadworks certificate. Furthermore, Gigaset pro is currently working on Broadworks and Metaswitch certificates for its complete product offering and for the latest Maxwell devices range. All phones are expected to be certified by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine