GLOBO Mobile launches CitronGO! at Mobile World Congress 2009

GLOBO, a leader in e-business solutions and a SaaS solutions provider, has launched its new pioneering CitronGO! ‘cloud’ software at this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new breed of open mobile communication software is the first of its kind with the ability to turn any mobile phone into a smartphone and eliminate the need for users to change handsets or carry two or more mobile phones.

Users will be able to benefit from a free two month trial period of the new service to receive first hand a complete and secure ‘push’ experience without them needing to sacrifice their existing handset.

CitronGO! provides true ubiquitous computing on a single screen as it supports, aggregates and integrates a variety of protocols and applications on any mobile device, so users have instant access to their preferred services without changing their handset.

Users will be able to register for the service by visiting the CitronGO! website and downloading the mobile client directly onto their handsets. CitronGO! accounts will be activated automatically enabling users to benefit from a fully synchronised and secure service in minutes.

Users will be able to register all their email accounts to their new CitronGO! account – from corporate and personal email accounts, such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo, to social networking profiles, including Facebook and Twitter – and synchronise all their business and personal contacts and calendars, eliminating the need for users to log-in and log-out multiple times from multiple services in order to combine business and personal use. The integration of social networking features in CitronGO! adds great value, allowing users to synchronise their profiles with their email and instant messages, the company claimed. Users will also be able to upload folders on the move and share them with friends and colleagues in just a few clicks.

Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, founder and CEO at GLOBO, stated: “Today, with almost three billion mobile subscriptions globally, the mobile handset is becoming the ultimate personal device of ubiquitous computing. Users want an ‘all-in-one solution’ that provides an instant email experience, but are unwilling to change their handset. CitronGO! is strategically positioned here. It is downloadable with minimal configuration requirements and enables users to experience a complete and secure ‘push’ experience without them needing to sacrifice their existing handset.

“We are also talking to telecoms providers, operators, mobile phone manufacturers ISPs and OEMs to offer CitronGO! to their customers as part of a bundled service,” continued Papadimitrakopoulos. “Businesses will be able to incorporate CitronGO! into their corporate infrastructure as a fully licensed model to offer these same benefits to their employees for use on their corporate mobile phones. Software companies and resellers will be able to provide the service as a third party.”

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