Globo outlines mobility predictions for 2012

Globo, the mobile, telecom and e-business software company, has today outlined its top mobility predictions for 2012, based on the trends that the company has observed across Europe and the UK during the last 12 months. With demand for smartphones and tablets growing fast in the enterprise, and management challenges rising rapidly too, Globo recently launched its revolutionary mobile enterprise server, GO!EnterpriseServer, giving businesses the ability to securely and easily mobilise their business applications.

”Throughout 2011 we’ve seen businesses turn to mobile technology in their droves as they attempt to, amongst top rated factors, boost productivity by giving staff access to business information whilst on the go. But with employees using a wide variety of different mobile and tablet devices and some workers bringing their own devices into the workplace or using consumer applications for work purposes, some companies are unsure what to do. On the one hand they don’t want to put their business at risk, yet on the other they don’t want to fall behind the competition by missing out on the business benefits of mobile devices,” said Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO and founder of Globo.

“In 2012 we’re expecting to see a big rise in demand for solutions that can be used to develop secure business applications for use on a variety of mobile and tablet devices – regardless of whether they’re owned by the company or not.”

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms will come into its own in 2012
Earlier this year, Gartner said, “We believe that more than 95% of organizations will be choosing MEAP or packaged mobile application vendors as their primary mobile development platforms through 2012.”

As IT departments across the UK are increasingly tasked to do more with less, a mobile platform, which is wireless network agnostic, device agnostic and back-end systems agnostic, is the ideal solution to enable them to help mobilise business critical data and processes, regardless of device type or platform – saving them the hassle of handling to manage disparate and often complicated mobile solutions.

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to explode
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been one of most talked about new trends of 2011, with many businesses excited by the possibility that they can boost morale and cut costs by giving staff permission to use personal devices in the workplace. With a third of organisations planning to trial this new approach to IT provisioning in the New Year, it’s clear that this trend is set to explode.

However, many businesses have real concerns about the impact that BYOD may have on security and productivity. Companies need must invest in technology that can secure employee-owned devices, whilst giving staff access to enterprise applications that will allow them to remain productive when working remotely.

Companies cannot ignore consumer IT
Consumer IT has been a major trend in the enterprise during the last few years and with Apple’s iPhone recently surpassing Blackberry as the most used smartphone for business, it’s clear that companies’ appetite for consumer IT won’t diminish in 2012. Driven by demand for a more flexible way of working, businesses of all sizes are looking to use smartphones to enable mobile working.

However, businesses now want to give staff access to more than just email. In the New Year, we’ll see a rise in the number of companies that are investing in device management solutions, as firms seek out solutions that will give mobile workers secure access to applications they use in the office.

Tablet users must protect against viruses
With companies spending an estimated $29.4 billion on tablets in 2011 and that figure expected to increase by an average of 52 per year a year until 2015, it’s clear that tablets will remain firmly on the agenda for UK businesses in 2012. Organisations have recognised that tablets can be very useful tools, enabling staff to stay in touch whilst on the go, update reports in real-time and access corporate applications wherever they are.

However, with reports of cyber criminals targeting Tablets regularly making the news, reinforcing security is likely to be a key focus for business users in 2012. In the New Year we’ll see more businesses looking at how they can manage and secure tablet devices more effectively.

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