GN Is Now The World’s Market Leader Within Headsets

GN today announced that after publishing its quarterly results, GN has now taken over the position as the world’s largest manufacturer of headsets in terms of revenue. The entire revenue in GN’s headset divisions has in the third quarter of 2005 reached DKK one billion for the first time, the exact figure amounting to DKK 1079 million. (Approx £90 million)

The headset divisions, GN Mobile and GN Netcom, now operate in over 30 countries, and sell products in more than 80 countries worldwide through 80.000 retail outlets. From being a niche product to being indispensable in call centres, headsets are rapidly becoming standard equipment for stationary phones and mobile phones at offices all over the world. On the global consumer market for headsets, GN Mobile is currently generating annual growth rates estimated at more than 50 per cent a year. And on the office market through GN Netcom, GN is currently generating annual growth rates of more than 25 per cent.

Today we have proved that a Danish company can be the market leader on a market that requires innovation and competitive prices. We have only our employees to thank for the fact that we are now market leading in a growth market, says Jørn Kildegaard, President and CEO, GN.

New Markets

The market and the demands for headset are rapidly changing due to enormous growth in IP-telephony, computer games, MP3 players and other digital units. More and more consumers wish to use their headsets in connection with these devices.

According to leading market analysts, the global market for wireless Bluetooth headsets continues to expand in coming years. By the end of 2010, the total number of sold units is expected to reach 182 million units, according to an IMS prognosis from September 2005.

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