GN Makes Wireless Headsets Possible for Every Office Worker

Headset vendor GN has announced the launch of its Jabra T5330, an entry-level wireless headset that will open up the wireless opportunity to millions of office workers.

Wireless headsets offer many advantages over handsets in terms of ergonomics and productivity. The T5330 is a particularly attractive choice not only by virtue of its reasonable price but also because of the superior sound quality it offers. It has an extended boom arm which helps to reduce background noise and provides digital sound enhancement via DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing).

The Jabra T5330 was designed to make wireless headsets more accessible to office workers. The office headset market is poised to show a two-digit growth per year between now and 2011 and with the estimated high growth, penetration is expected to increase significantly.

“The office headset market is set to grow dramatically in the coming five years with most of the new headsets bought being wireless ones”, said Jan McNair, Vice President, Office Business Unit at GN. “However, there are still millions of office workers globally that don’t have a headset. This is worrying not only in terms of productivity but more importantly in terms of the RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and back injuries that these workers risk by cradling a headset for long periods every day. Our objective with the T5330 was to bring the benefits of wireless freedom to a broader group of office workers by making its price attractive to their managers.”

The Jabra T5330 offers up to 4 hours talk time and up to 60 hours stand-by time. It is estimated to retail at £149 ex VAT and is now available.

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