GN Netcom Enhances GN9300 Range

Headset vendor GN Netcom has enhanced its Jabra GN9300 range of wireless headsets for conventional and IP telephony. The new Jabra GN9300e series features an increased wireless range of up to 120 metres, a new boom arm and microphone concept that reduces wind noise sensitivity and improves comfort through a lighter, more flexible material on the headband, neckband and earhook.

The series consists of three different headsets; the Jabra GN9350e, a wireless multi-use headset for both conventional and IP telephony; the Jabra GN9330e for desk phones and the Jabra GN9330e USB for PC-based IP telephony. With the ability to switch between conventional and IP telephony, the range, and in particular the flagship Jabra GN9350e, provides companies with a cost-effective, future-proof headset solution.

“Our recent research project with E-Media found that mobility within the office environment is steadily increasing with over three quarters of all professionals spending more than one hour per day away from their desk and an additional 60% of survey respondents agreeing that a wireless headset that would enable them to take calls both at and away from their desk would have a positive impact on their productivity,” commented Andrew Doyle, Sales Director, GN Netcom UK. “To help our partners capitalise on this market opportunity, we have developed a new promotional campaign around the GN9330e. With a special introductory price of £149.99, which is nearly 20 per cent less than the RRP, our partners can make significant margins on a product that is easy to sell but is a small add-on cost to the financial outlay required for a complete PBX or IP telephony system.”

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