GN NETCOM Launch JABRA BIZTM 2400 Series

GN Netcom says it has revolutionised the corded headset market with the launch of their all-new Jabra BIZTM 2400. In a statement the company claims the new headset is ten times better than other corded headsets and features a number of industry firsts including a noise cancelling boom arm with FreeSpin 360 degrees rotation.

The Jabra BIZTM 2400 will be available from May 2009.

There are, according to GN Netcom, three main areas where the Jabra BIZTM 2400 outshines other professional corded headsets, highlighting 10 new features that make it the best corded headset yet.

Audio – There have been three main developments in this area:

Improved noise-cancelling – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 comes with a noise-cancelling system that blocks distracting background noise.

Gold contacts – the new microphone has gold-plated contacts that are five times thicker than most other headsets to ensure optimum voice transmission at all times.

Neodymium speakers – the hand-build speakers can adapt to the user’s preferred phone system or audio application to deliver top-class sound, regardless of frequency. The

Jabra BIZTM 2400 Series offers compatibility with conventional narrowband desk telephony (300-3,400Hz), wideband IP telephony (150-6,8000Hz) and multimedia applications with full hi-fi quality (80-16,000Hz).


The Jabra BIZTM 2400 is designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear associated with contact centres and offices. Its new design features include:

Break-proof boom – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 is the only noise-cancelling headset on the market that allows users to rotate the boom arm a full 360 degrees in motion. By replacing the traditional fixed wiring with a gold-plated slider, the Jabra BIZTM 2400 is not only easier to use but it also allows users to adjust the boom arm safely with the assurance that it will never break.

Surgical steel – key parts of the Jabra BIZTM 2400 are made from surgical steel to give it maximum strength and an eye-catching, quality finish.

Kevlar cord – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 features a Kevlar-reinforced cord which protects against kinking, breakages and damage.


The Jabra BIZTM 2400 is designed for all-day use. The Jabra BIZTM 2400 has improved comfort in the following ways:

Super-soft ear cushions and flexible wearing styles – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 has super-soft ear cushions similar to those used in high-end stereo headphones. It features three unique Flex-fit wearing styles, Earhook, Neckband and Headband. The headset can adapt to the user’s preference including use of right or left ear, and the new T-bar is especially designed to avoid hair entanglement.

Programmable soft-buttons – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 USB can be used to control all incoming and outgoing calls. It features an answer/end button and a toggle-wheel, as well as two additional buttons which can be programmed via a PC to perform specific tasks.
Bluetooth® connection for mobile phones – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 USB is the first corded USB headset with in-built Bluetooth® connections that allows users to seamlessly switch between PC softphone and mobile phone calls.

ID tag – the Jabra BIZTM 2400 comes with a clothing clip that can be used as an ID tag to enable users to customise their headsets. Simply log on to, enter the user details via the online template and personalise the headset.

“The Jabra BIZTM 2400 encapsulates GN Netcom’s experience and dedication to providing industry-leading products that increase customer productivity and efficiency,” said Karsten Hald Pedersen, Managing Director of UK and Ireland, GN Netcom. “Based on user input and inspired by our award-winning portfolio, the Jabra BIZTM 2400 is the best headset on the market. We have taken a totally new approach and re-designed key features culminating in a headset that offers amazing audio quality, innovative design and extreme user comfort. It is the ideal corded choice for all office and contact centre workers.”

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