GN Netcom Ten Year Partnership

GN Netcom has reached an impressive milestone with one of its Associate Partners, Communications Solutions UK Ltd. The two companies have been working together for the past ten years during which time they have provided enterprise customers of all sizes with high quality headsets, superior customer service and an excellent repairs service where necessary.

For the last decade, Communications Solutions UK Ltd has been reselling GN Netcom’s complete portfolio of products including the GN 2000 which is the toughest contact centre headset yet and the GN9350, that is the only headset on the market that can handle both IP and traditional telephony calls. To date, they have won over several blue chip clients both nationally and in the Thames Valley area.

Communications Solutions UK Ltd has also become one of GN Netcom’s key headset repair partners, working seamlessly with end users to deliver a top class service, should a headset ever need attention. Communications Solutions UK Ltd manages both warranty and non-warranty repairs through the Fast Swap process ensuring that end users are never without a headset.

“In our industry, it is unusual to have a business partnership that lasts for this long,” commented Jan McNair, Managing Director, GN Netcom UK. “Communications Solutions UK Ltd know our business inside and out, they understand our products and can empathise with our customers, which enables them to deliver a fantastic service at all times.”

“GN Netcom has always had an innovative and leading edge product portfolio which appeals to our client base,” commented Julie Watling, Managing Director, Communications Solutions UK Ltd. “Moreover, they have been extremely supportive and have definitely played an integral role in helping us grow our business by over 20 per cent per year.”

Looking to the future, Communications Solutions UK Ltd is going to play a crucial role in helping GN Netcom expand further in to the office environment. Over the next five years, more and more offices will move to an IP-telephony system, where headsets will be an essential productivity tool. GN Netcom and Communications Solutions UK Ltd have the expertise and product portfolio to take this market by storm.

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