GN New Jabra Headset

GN, the provider of headset solutions, has announced the launch of the Jabra BT4010 Bluetooth headset. Featuring a ‘smart display’, which is sleekly positioned in the centre of this elegant device, the Jabra BT4010 is the only headset that empowers you to check battery level , connection status and call status with just one glance. It’s ideal for people on the go, who don’t want to waste time scrolling through endless menus, but who want a cost effective headset that allows them to enjoy uncomplicated, handsfree communication.

The Jabra BT4010 ‘smart display’, which is a highly visible LCD screen, is modelled on that of a mobile phone and ushers in a new level of usability for Bluetooth headsets. You no longer have to guess or interpret flashing lights to understand your battery level, connection and call status. All this information is available by simply checking out the display. This intuitive approach to Bluetooth, makes life less complicated and ensures that you will never lose another call again.

The Jabra BT4010 is small in size but big on design and user friendliness. Unlike other headsets it does not have any distracting and unsightly flashing lights, making the Jabra BT4010 discreet and professional. It boasts up to six hours of talk time and weighs less than 10g. With auto-pairing and crystal clear sound thanks to e-SCO technology, the BT4010 can be up and running within a matter of seconds, enabling you to chat to friends and colleagues and stay in contact all day, every day.

The Jabra BT4010 can be worn with or without an earhook and comes with a selection of two hooks for added comfort.

The launch of the BT4010 brings with it a new look for Jabra’s packaging, enhancing the existing brand and signalling an evolution of its visual identity. The bold Jabra typeface and distinctive yellow remain the mainstay of the brand, now incorporated with a burst of colourful, fun elements to appeal to a wider audience of consumer. The new look reinforces Jabra’s commitment to being at the forefront of Bluetooth headset design and style, whilst the fresh tagline, ‘Discover Freedom’, highlights the possibilities afforded by high quality Bluetooth technology.

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