Google Must Reassure Android Users Their Operating System is Safe

Richard Cappin, founder of says, “It is understandable from Android being an open source system that applications may exist to take advantage of security flaws. However, Google are responsible for any applications that are downloaded from their own Android Market app store.

“We’re pleased to see their fast and proactive approach to fixing the problem and our opinion is that they should be trusted to make remote fixes like this, but they should also explain what vetting is in place to stop this from happening again.

“By having iOS as a closed operating system on which all apps must meet their extensive criteria, Apple are providing greater protection to end users. However, if Google can ensure security for Android users, then their open platform may still attract more innovation in new apps than iOS. The number of companies that publicly stopped or reduced the use of Blackberry handsets last year due to security concerns makes the stakes clear for both Google and the manufacturers like HTC and Samsung that rely heavily on Android.”

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