Google still in the lead for mobile internet performance

For the month of November, Google continues to lead the way in mobile with the shortest download time of 3.43 seconds closely followed in second by social media giant Facebook, with a download time of 4.05 seconds, according to the Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index for Europe.

The Performance Index showed that Facebook also achieved an impressive availability last month, displacing Yahoo for the top spot with 97.69%. Yahoo and Google closely followed in the availability category with 97.54% and 97.52% respectively.

MSN on the other hand continues to have a rough time in the mobile world, stated Keynote Systems’ Nisheeth Mohan, product manager for mobile solutions and technology. He said MSN had the longest download time of 9.04 seconds, and lowest availability, recording 96.59% availability.

Popular sports site, Eurosports, took a dip in availability in November, falling from second rank in October to sixth. Yet it did record the fastest download speed of 3384 bytes per second during the month of November.

Mohan added: “Mobile is dynamic due to a number of varying conditions. Consistency is the key ingredient to build any mobile brand; the last thing users want is a long download time due to the slow nature of a site. However, for a company in the mobile space there is nothing worse than your site not downloading at all when a user tries to access it,” he said.

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