Google still tops Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index

The September Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index is ruled by Google, still. News sites such as Euroports and Euronews had download times below the industry average. Not only did they take long to download, they also had low availability. This could be attributed to the large amount of content being downloaded.

Unlike Google, MSN has a feature rich site which downloads a lot of content. As a result of having a heavy site, MSN was at the bottom of table in download times and availability. In order to gain traction it needs to dramatically improve availability or risk losing out to better performing competitors in this area as the mobile web develops, stated Keynote Systems.

“Google’s web dominance seems to be translating in the mobile world, topping the table for download time and availability, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for Facebook,” said Nisheeth Mohan, product manager for mobile solutions and technology at Keynote Systems. “Although the king of social media had the second shortest download time, the site was the slowest in terms of speed (bytes/second).”

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