Google tablet launch: Tablets to become key drivers of business transformation, says KPMG

Tudor Aw, Technology Sector Head, KPMG Europe LLP, comments ahead of the expected announcement that Google is to launch its own tablet computer:

“Google’s anticipated announcement, following hard on the heels of a similar announcement by Microsoft last week, demonstrates that gaining a strong market share of the tablet market will be critical to tech players if they want to maintain a strong relationship with their end customers – both consumers and business users.

“Tech players recognise that given the increasing importance of tablet devices, they can no longer risk selling their software and services solely through other people’s devices and it will be important that they have their own devices.”

“So far tablets have been mainly a consumer device but the increasing trend of ‘consumerisation of IT’ and ‘bring your own device’ in the Corporate Enterprise space means that tablets will become a key device for business users. Our research indicates that tablets will become one of the key devices that will drive business transformation in the next few years.”

“For companies, both the Microsoft and Google offerings have a developed suite of enterprise applications, which will make them attractive to businesses looking to adopt tablets as part of their IT strategy. Ability to integrate with legacy IT infrastructure will be an important consideration.”

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