GPs use Call Logging and Recording to Boost Service Levels

Anyone who has ever visited their doctor’s surgery can see how difficult it must be to deal with hundreds of calls a day from patients, all with different needs. In a GP practice environment, it is vital to deal with every call and to get every bit of information correct each time. That’s why a combination of Oak call logging and call recording has provided the ideal solution for a Swansea practice.

The changing nature of general practice has created a need to explore new ways of enabling GPs and their staff to provide better and more efficient patient service for this busy practice. It has five doctors plus receptionists, practice nurses, health visitors and a district nursing team spread over two sites at The Grove Medical Centre (Uplands) and The Marina Surgery (Mannheim Quay),

In early 2008, the practice invested in Oak’s aiOffice call management software, and a ProVoice DX voice recording system.

Mike O’Rourke, Practice Manager for the two surgeries said: ‘We had never used call management software before. With aiOffice we can now look at the outgoing calls, the frequency of telephone numbers called and their associated costs for the first time. The reports show us everything we need to know at a glance.

“Especially important for us has been the ability to look at the number of incoming calls we receive, when the peak times are and how long we are involved on phone calls so that we can make sure we have the right staffing levels at the right times.”

The decision to add Oak recording alongside the call logger has revolutionised the practice’s call recording.

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