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Gradwell launch Wave for UK SMEs

Gradwell are launching a new flagship cloud phone system: Wave.

Leveraging Gradwell’s rich experience of delivering cloud phone systems, Wave has been in the making for over two years. Built in-house by a team of dedicated developers, product managers, designers and technical architects, the system has been built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for superior reliability and scale.

Using AWS technology in two geographically diverse data centres, the Wave platform is designed to scale automatically, with new instances created during heavy load periods. This means that an excellent user experience can be guaranteed at all times.

The new system is an attractive proposition for Gradwell’s increasing pool of partners; priced competitively and designed as a simple but powerful solution for the SME market. Wave will also be integrated with an online portal, built in the Salesforce ecosystem, allowing partners to directly promote, sell, onboard and bill new customers – all from one system.

Jamie Ward, Marketing and Sales Director, said: “We’re delighted to launch a product that gives the channel a genuine alternative to Broadsoft-reliant products. Wave is designed to be the ideal SME hosted phone system, powerful but easy to use, and scope to expand with the customer’s organisation. We’re excited to give our partners a chance to gain value from this new system, and our upcoming partner portal is a key part of that proposition.”

It ships with access to an easy-to-use customer control panel and an integrated softphone app, available on desktop for MacOS and Windows, and available on mobile devices through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Gradwell’s CTO and Founder, Peter Gradwell, said: “We think that Wave is a really compelling product for any small business looking at switching phone system, whether from legacy ISDN and on-premise PBX, or from a competing system. This launch is just the beginning for Wave; we’re excited about some of our future plans for the system and its feature-set, with a number of major features due for launch over the next few months.

Wave launches with support for a range of handsets and conference phones and will become available from November.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine