Gradwell Reduces VoIP Rate by 16 percent.

VoIP provider Gradwell Communications is set to intensify its price challenge in an attempt to consolidate its top 3 status among the UK’s SMEs using VoIP.

“We have reduced our peak-rate mobile call charge from 12p per minute to 10p per minute. That is a fairly hefty price cut by any standard,” said Peter Gradwell, MD of Gradwell dot com.

This 16.6 per cent cut relates to customers’ calls to the UK’s Top 5 mobile service providers (Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile).

Rates to callers using 3 remain at 18p, while other mobile services attract rates of 25.5p per minute peak time, as before.

Managing Director Peter Gradwell commented, “We are offering this cut to our customers calling mobiles served by the Big 5 because we are increasingly aware that the main cost that businesses are now concerned about are mobile call costs to these operators,” he added.

“Our successes and progress with infrastructure in 2007 have allowed us to offer an altogether better and cheaper service. You could say that, so far, 2007 has proved to be an exceptionally good year all-round.”

“Our minimum call charge is just 1.5ppm,” added Gradwell, “So again, we are ultra-competitive. BT has been running adverts this summer about its price cuts. BT’s headline rate is 5ppm for weekends – but you have to pay BT £1.50 every month for the service, and you also have to pay BT, every time you use its service, a minimum 3p call charge.

”Our pricing compared to others’ is therefore clearer, simpler and ultimately cheaper for customers.”

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