Grant Daines Joins NDG-Supernet to head up channel

Grant Daines has been appointed as the New Channel Director of NDG SuperNet. Building on NDG’s success and the anticipated launch of NDG SuperNet’s OneTouch, Grant Daines has joined the ever-growing team at NDG to drive growth via the Channel.

Grant Daines commented, “It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Alex developing and designing NDG-Supernet’s OneTouch. It’s very refreshing to experience a company that has a clear focus on strategy built on a solid foundation.”

NDG-Supernet is the exciting new venture of Alex Bentley the CEO of sister company NDG Technology that has seen rapid growth year on year, successfully tripling its turnover in the first 7 months of 2018. NDG-SuperNet is very passionate about changing the face of the channel with its new platform OneTouch (the ultimate processing tool).

“I have known Alex for 6 years and have always admired his focus, attention to detail and professionalism. With OneTouch we are going to change the reseller experience forever. Yes, our product portfolio is more than commercially competitive, but price point is not the final word when it comes down to the reseller market. Our vision and subsequently design is all about simplicity, NDG-Supernet resellers will experience the smoothest ordering and delivery process possible, eradicating the monotony of having to double check the status of orders every day. OneTouch is going to bring a complete fresh outlook on the reseller market and we promise that our technology will only get better and more efficient. If a reseller could eliminate all the time they have invest on laborious non-revenue generating tasks, what would that look like and how much more productive could they be”.

Alex Bentley commented “Over the last 5 years I have worked with multiple distributors to provide services and connectivity to my end users which I have been let down at the last minute due to the lack of communication provided to me from my orders. So it was really key to me to understand what other resellers like myself needed and would like to make their lives less stressful but more productive, then the outcome was easy I would invest in a team in America to create a platform that would do everything you as a reseller need. Then this is how I came to the platform name of OneTouch.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine