Green reasons to choose Servassure

A business owner keen to do his bit for the environment has chosen Servassure as the maintenance arm of his company.

Max Morrison, managing director of Greystone Telecom, Cheshire, believes he will cut down on fuel emissions by outsourcing to a third party.

Morrison’s one-man bid to save the planet started on a personal level when he bought himself a hybrid electric car and started to consider what impact his day-to-day life was having on the environment.

He then decided that he could implement the same thought processes to his business; asking customers to speak to them via conference calls when possible so as to cut down on unnecessary travel.

Greystone Telecom has customers from the tip of Scotland right down to Cornwall, as well as in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so this simple change made a big difference to the way the company operated.

The company deals with large blue chip companies, businesses with branches nationwide as well as smaller enterprises.

Morrison said: “All of our customers require maintenance engineers to visit them at some time or another so if we had our own engineers it would mean them travelling the length and breadth of the country to service systems.

“Servassure uses engineers local to each company’s area, which cuts down on the need to travel and therefore cutting down on fuel emissions.

“Many of our customers have branches right across the country and if there is a system change or update required it would have historically meant one or several engineers visiting each branch.

“With Servassure’s assistance, we can send out engineers local to all areas on the same day if necessary, which cuts down on both time and fuel consumption.

“Alternatively, Servassure can dial into a system from their offices, which is better still in terms of environmental impact. We will definitely be using them more and more in the future.”

Peter Orr, Servassure’s sales director, added: “We live in a society which is conscious about the effects we have on our environment and we are delighted that a customer has chosen to work with us primarily for this reason. We are more than happy to be playing our part in saving the planet.”

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