Griffin Launch ‘SANServe’ Dedicated Hosting

Griffin Internet has launched a new range of dedicated server hosting solutions to the channel which they say offer 100% business reliability guarantees. “The Griffin SANServe range of services provides a level of reliability, scalability and performance that has never before been available in the SME marketplace.”

The SANServe solution has been built on an IP Storage Area Network (IP SAN) which has recently been deployed across the Griffin national MPLS network into three separate hosting centres. The SANServe range of services has been developed in response to the demand from resellers for a hosting solution to meet the SME IT Manager’s increasing need for SLA backed reliability whilst retaining the ability to scale.

Adrian Sunderland, Technical Director at Griffin Internet: “IP SANs are being used increasingly in the data centres of banks and multinational corporations. Over the last six months we have made a huge investment in this technology and our SANServe solution means that the benefits of IP SAN are no longer out of reach for many of our customers”

Griffin’s SANServe solutions will enable resellers to take advantage of the SME demand for highly available hosting solutions based on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. More and more SMEs rely on their servers being online and available 100% of the time – especially as more and more business is transacted via the web.

SANServe offers a lifeline to those IT Managers who struggle to cope with managing and protecting the constant growth in data across the organisation. Griffin’s SANServe delivers a powerful, scaleable and affordable national disaster recovery planning tool across multiple office locations.

Adrian Sunderland: “Traditional backup solutions such as tape are being shunned by SME businesses as they struggle to keep up with the growth in data. Tape backup is so slow, more and more SME businesses are discovering there isn’t enough time to back up an entire server overnight anymore – the result being that the server running slowly when employees want to work on it because the backup is still running. With the SANServe solution we can use ‘Snapshots’ to instantly backup customer data as often as once per hour with no slow down”

Customers will have the option of having their data mirrored between Griffin’s three hosting centres in London, Derby & Leicester and away from the head office to ensure that if a disaster does occur then the business can be operational straight away without the loss of any business critical information.

Deploying the Griffin’s SANServe range requires minimal reseller training whilst also offering great margin opportunities. Whilst SANServe is an appropriate hosting and storage technology for the SME market, many larger corporate organisations are also looking at IP as an alternative technology over traditional fibre channel due to the larger geographic distances over which IP can be used transmit data and the cost advantages that this brings.

Griffin Internet offers sophisticated and affordable business continuity solutions to the UK reseller community through its multi-million pound national MPLS network. Griffin’s national network is one of one most technically advanced and is designed to deliver IP based services solely to the business community. With zero congestion, even at peak times, Griffin provides better Service Level Agreements (SLAs) than competing IP network providers.

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