Griffin Launches Virtual Service Provider

Managed broadband supplier Griffin Internet has been busy launching products this month with their first Quality of Service (QoS) product Engineered Broadband – Single Priority (EB-SP) and now Virtual Service Provider (VSP).

Until now resellers that wanted a white label offering only really had the option of buying Standard Managed Broadband, where pricing is based on average usage, or Wholesale Managed Broadband, where the reseller buys raw capacity but requires a high level of technical expertise and expense to get it working.

Griffin say VSP offers the best of both world’s and a bit more; capacity-based charging gives the reseller lower average cost and more control but within a fully managed service where RADIUS, IP allocation, email, web space, LNS, DNS, IP transit and BGP are all handled by Griffin and completely transparent to the reseller.

One of the drawbacks of Wholesale Broadband from BT is it becomes really expensive if the reseller wants to protect against Single Point of Failure (SPoF) since they have to buy everything twice. With VSP resilience is built in because the reseller is connected directly into a fully redundant high speed network.

VSP enables Partners to offer white label capacity-based packages tailored for different end-users. It is a clever system, with Griffin’s well established Managed Online Provisioning System (MOPS) at its heart. The option of pre-configured hardware comes as standard as does specialist sales, marketing and technical support.

Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Griffin commented: “The days of ‘one product fits all’ for broadband are numbered. For example retail customers running secure payment systems over IP have low bandwidth requirements and are happy to share their broadband line with hundreds of other users on a business-only network as long as the price reflects this. Conversely, customers running VOIP solutions require much more bandwidth to ensure voice quality and are prepared to pay more to ensure a higher level of service.”

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