Griffin MOPS up Europe

Griffin Internet has announced that after the successful launch of its ‘Managed Online Provisioning System’ (MOPS) in the UK last year, it will make its online solution available across Europe from May. Sold direct through the channel, this will be the first time a one stop provisioning system has been available to UK businesses on a European wide scale. European MOPS will enable major UK-headquartered corporations with European offices to manage their own broadband packages more efficiently and from one central location.

European MOPS is designed to help speed up the processes and administration involved in the provisioning of branded DSL to staff based in offices and in homes across Europe. Offering a simple online portal, speedy installation times and simple monthly billing processes, the system will initially be available in 6 major European countries including France, Germany and Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

Andrew Dickinson, Sales & Marketing, Griffin Internet, said: “Our partners are seeing a need for large pan-European customers to manage their broadband provisioning from a central location. Different flavours of xDSL in their networks provide inconsistent quality and administrative work and ongoing billing and support are prohibitive. Customers want a single portal for ordering and managing their broadband and a high quality network capable of carrying voice.”

European MOPS is designed to be used by any single member of staff across a number of European locations with first line support in the native language and the main portal face in English for UK users. Fully automated, the system generates instantaneous responses to queries concerning the entire activation, provisioning and management of broadband services as well as supporting services such as email and web space. As a result the need for costly customer services staff is reduced which allows smaller reseller partners the opportunity to play in the market.

Furthermore complicated billing processes are simplified as customers will be provided with a single bill for all their broadband lines, regardless of country and currency.

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